Free Amazing tools that helps me to write great articles

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Though I am a non-native English speaker, I am an English language content writer.

And how did this happen?

This article is about that.

I made this possible by using some free websites and free tools.

First, List of free websites that I use to make my writing better……

1. : is a website to download free books. It is an online library. I am using this for five years.

As a content writer, I read several types of books to study the writing patterns and behaviors of different writers. This website helps me to do that.

You can also do this to make your writing style better.

But one thing to consider, OPEN IT USING INCOGNITO TAB.

2. Google Scholar :

I use Google Scholar to research article topics. I like the idea of collecting research papers from renowned professors.

In this, every fact and information is 100% correct.

So, It helps me to collect references for my articles.

3. Google trends :

I use Google trends data to search for the newest trends and questions.

It helps me to include all trending answers in my article. And this is one way to attract the reader’s attention for a long time.

Growing attraction is a way to gain a new follower.

So, I can say Google trends helps me a lot.

There is much more to include. But I am trying to make this article short.

As a result, I am closing this list.

Now, I will list the tools I use for free.

1. Grammarly :

I use a free version of Grammarly to check my errors.

A good article should be 100% accurate and have a high readability score.

And Grammarly helps me in doing that.

For this reason, I have been using Grammarly for the past five years.

But, there is one drawback to using Grammarly for free. I overcame it by using Wordtune.

2. Wordtune :

Wordtune helps me in improving my sentences.

Grammarly free can not improve your sentences. But Wordtune free can do that.

Just add Wordtune to your chrome extension list. It improves ten sentences for free every day.

But I use the “Get a feel for what Wordtune can do! “ option for more sentence improvement.

It helps me in improving my readability score.

3. Capitalize My Title :

Capitalize My Title is a headline analyzer tool. It allows me to check my overall sub-scores for readability, SEO, and sentiment.

It can make headings even better.

And most important, it does it for free.

4. Answer The Public :

Answer the public helps me to find out what people are asking about.

It uses visualization to provide answers. I use it to get ideas for my next topic.

So, this is the end. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment.

I hope these websites and tools will also help you improve your articles.

And lastly, one thing to say, keep writing and keep enjoying.



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Ranita Debnath

Ranita Debnath


I am a content writer ,social media marketer and a polyglot. I am finding opportunity to work as a freelance content writer and social media content designer.